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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Rewa chief challenges coup instigator's lies to UN

Bainimarama: Fools UN but not those at home.
It's long for a quick read but SODELPA party leader Ro Teimumu Kepa's point by point critique of Frank Bainimarama's claims in his speech to the UN about how much he's done for Fiji is worth it just for the fact that someone is challenging the lies.

Ro Kepa's statement:
Having read the Prime Minister’s rhetoric to such an important body as the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, and on such an important topic that has such a huge impact on our people demonstrates beyond reasonable doubt to all that a statesman he is not and the moral compass of our nation as embodied in the PM’s statements has again taken a turn for the worst.

He has made many remarks that require a response and I do so as follows:


FB: Mr. President, I stand before you as the democratically-elected Prime Minister of Fiji, having led my Fiji First Party to a decisive victory in the first genuinely democratic election in Fijian history last September.

RTK: Apart from the removal of the ethnic voting element used in previous elections, the 2014 elections held were not democratic, free, fair or transparent and the ‘decisive victory’ was based on an imposed constitution and totally controlled and manipulated election process.

There is nothing democratic about a system of voting that allows a candidate with 830 votes to enter Parliament and deny 32 others who polled more a seat in the House.

The first truly Democratic Constitution FB: That election took place on the basis of a new Constitution that for the first time, creates a secular State, establishes a common and equal citizenry, reaffirms civil and political rights and also guarantees the Fijian people an unprecedented array of social and economic rights. This includes the right to education, the right to adequate health care, adequate food and water, housing, sanitation, economic participation, a just minimum wage, social security and specific rights for people with disabilities and children.

RTK: They say that if you repeat your lies often enough, you begin to believe it, and I am certain that is what QORVIS and their propaganda machine have instilled in Frank Bainimarama and Aiyaz Khaiyum. Just keep lying and soon it becomes the truth.

That would be true if the entire population decided to give up and submit to our usurpers. But thankfully 202,650 citizens or 41% of the registered voters did not vote for Frank Bainimarama. So only 91,064 votes separates the support for the Government vs. the support that the Opposition and other unsuccessful parties represent, and this is despite what we believe to be a compromised election process and when we present our final report the people will then know what took place.

Frank Bainimarama knowingly misleads the International community by omitting to speak truthfully and factually about the origins of the 2013 Constitution.

Having trashed the People’s 2012 Draft Constitution, Aiyaz Khaiyum drafted the 2013 Constitution which was imposed on the people. The motivation for this was that the 2012 People’s draft did not grant the usurpers of our Democracy Frank Bainimarama and his co-conspirators Aiyaz Khaiyum & co, absolute immunity.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Unpopular Fiji Sun reporter breached Media Decree

Pratibha: Defamed SODELPA Youth leader.
Nasty piece of works gets done for breaching the Media Decree: about time.

Fiji Sun journalist Jyoti Pratibha has been writing biased stories for some time; her wings have now hopefully been clipped by MIDA, which has found she defamed complainant Pita Waqavonovono.

Bloggers will know Pratibha from her vile reporting for the regime favoured Fiji Sun news pages and cheap gawar Coconut Wireless column; she wrote the offending article about Waqavonovono late last year.

Pratibha, who has directed most of her poisonous attacks at SODELPA hierarchy and supporters, has been pinged for writing Waqavonovono should be "cleaned out" of SODELPA, and that he needed deodorant and a shave as well.

The decision has come from MIDA chairman Ashwin Raj, who has described the article as 'antagonistic, thoroughly yoked in the logic of race and bereft of facts'.

The story, of course, was one of the Sun's phallic efforts to promote Frank Bainimarama and make out the Opposition was 'racist and divisive' and holding the country back.

Pratibha's not so glorious missive Person of the Year: The PM who delivers, has now been found to be lacking 'balance, accuracy and the principles of responsible journalism'.

The Fiji Sun has since circulated a rather feeble statement rejecting the MIDA decision as flawed citing what it says is 'one of Fiji's most experienced and respected lawyers, Suruj Sharma' whose legal opinion is that Raj's findings 'are clearly without legal and jurisdictional basis of facts of law'.

Peter Lomas' statement claims the reporting around the MIDA findings has also been 'poorly informed' and Pratiba has been subjected to a 'scurrilous smear campaign'.

In one of its own articles, the paper is now telling Raj he has until next Monday (March 9) to 'retract and apologise to the Fiji Sun'.

This blog has previously deleted numerous comments about Pratibha, believing she should be given the benefit of the doubt, especially as she was a woman, and a lot of the comments were derogatory, but like her employer she appears to have no or few ethics.

According to anecdotes we've heard, she is quarrelsome and hostile with her subjects and is quick to make trouble if she doesn't get her way.

We say to Pratibha, who has gone from ordinary hack to managing editor in what seems to be a very short time, and the Fiji Sun: suck it up, you were done fair and square, and it's been a long time coming.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Kaisi vs Kaise vs Blue Blood

There's confusion over whether the word 'kaisi' was said by someone in the Opposition as claimed by Frank Bainimarama.

On February 11 in Parliament, Bainimarama warned the Opposition against using derogatory words like 'kaisi' in Parliament.

This is what he said:

"It's very insulting to hear one of our members being insulted from across the room from that side with the iTaukei insult 'kaisi'. "When you walk out, you can pick it up again, your Ratu, your Adi, and you walk out with it. When you walk through that door, nobody really gives two hoots about your title, supposedly your blue blood; you walk through there as in a military establishment.

Blue blood, isn't that an insult?

"This establishment is something I see along that line. Maybe we should have a mirror outside that door Madam Speaker so that when we walk in, we look at the mirror, if you can see blue blood or royal blood running through your vein, then you have the right to come and call everybody here 'kaisi'."

However there is no record of this word being said in the Hansard and the Speaker of the House Jiko Luveni says she did not in fact hear the word 'kaisi' being said.

The Speaker did not hear it, the media never heard it, the people in the gallery never heard it, the Parliamentary staff there at the time never heard it.

Only Frankie heard it.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Charges laid for Vilikesa's Soko's death

Vilikesa Soko RIP
Eight police officers and a soldier have been at last charged for the death of a man while in custody.

Vilikesa Soko was arrested in August last year on suspicion of robbery after $FJ50,000 dollars was stolen from a foreign exchange store in Nadi.

He died a few days later from multiple traumatic injuries and alleged 'traumatic rectal injury.'

Vilikesa is believed to have been assaulted. His medical report says he died as a result of a blood clot in his lungs, multi-organ failure and 'severe trauma to the penis'. 

Police claimed after he died that Soko was sickly, but  the lie was thwarted by an investigation by Police Commissioner Ben Groenewald.

Today, eight police officers and a soldier were charged with manslaughter, assault and rape. Manslaughter, not murder.

Two will face a further charge of perverting the course of justice by instructing fellow officers to make false statements. 

A second robbery suspect, 37 year old Eroni Baleinukulala, was also beaten.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Military wants soldiers to design new flag for Fiji

If it wasn't so wrong, it'd be funny.

Whenever things get tricky for Frank Bainimarama, the military comes out to support him or should we say intimidate the people.

And so we have that moment again.

Bainimarama wants to ditch the Fiji flag but there's resistance, so the gutless wonder has called in the military to endorse his plan and to remind citizens the army is only too ready to step in when he needs them.

Fiji army commander Mosese Tikoitoga today said the barracks is right behind the new flag.

Hilariously, he also announced soldiers would be taking part in an internal flag design competition.

Tikoitoga says 'any design that the boys can come up with, we leave it to their imagination, the only instruction we’ve given them it has to have the same shape of the flag that we have now, to have the same light blue background on the flag because it’s then important for our national anthem to the continued blue banner'.

It seems Fiji soldiers can do anything - from being peacekeepers, thugs, 'elected' government ministers, to catching American iguanas and now flag designers.

How about them doing what they're supposed to? Like serving and protecting the people from treasonist, thieving lying coup makers and thugs like Bainimarama and Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum?

“We fully agree with the changing of the flag, I have put out an instruction with the military that we hold an internal competition in designing the new flag. We will pay a financial price to the winner of the competition within the military environment that instruction has gone out,” said Brigadier General – Mosese Tikoitoga.

Furthermore he added that “any design that the boys can come up with, we leave it to their imagination, the only instruction we’ve given them it has to have the same shape of the flag that we have now, to have the same light blue background on the flag because it’s then important for our national anthem to the continued blue banner.”

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Fiji citizens put a fight to save flag

Growing resistance to plan to dump flag.

Irrelevant and riddled with colonialism.

That's Frank Bainimarama's reasoning for ditching the flag and unveiling a new one on Independence Day in October.

Bainimarama claims he can come up with a flag more relevant for the New Fiji.

"We need to replace the symbols on our existing flag that are out of date and no longer relevant, including some anchored to our colonial past.

"The new flag should reflect Fiji's position in the world today as a modern and truly independent nation state."

The goon has resorted to justifying his arbitrary decision by saying New Zealand's doing it so why not Fiji.

But hang on - New Zealand and other democratic countries hold a referendum when they want to change something as major as their flag, don't they?

Monday, February 2, 2015

Khaiyum forced to back-date controversial TV decree amendment

Regime appointed Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum has been forced to swallow his own spit by removing HSBC World Series Sevens, Rugby World Cup 7's and Rugby World Cup from the Television (Cross-Carriage of Designated Events) Decree, as per the wish of rugby's governing body, World Rugby.

The removal was gazetted on Wednesday 28th January but is dated 15th December 2014 - to prevent World Rugby from blocking coverage of the Wellington 7's this weekend.

The Wellington Sevens is the second most popular 7's event after Hong Kong and Sayed-Khaiyum was forced to undertake the gazetting to prevent denying Fiji
citizens coverage for a second time.

The gazetting of the removal is further evidence the people of Fiji were conned by pro-regime media, particularly the Fiji Sun and State owned FBC (Radio Fiji), into believing World Rugby had backed down in December after blocking the Dubai 7's, allowing the televising of the South Africa 7's a week later. 

Both Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum and his boss, Frank Bainimarama, were portrayed as heroes by Fiji Sun and FBC.

Bainimarama displayed no shame when he repeated the lies giving a similar message at the opening of the Punjas Biscuit Factory in Lautoka last December, and again during his Western Division tour in Sigatoka when he accused the Opposition of being obsessed with the TV/Rugby saga and sacking of top two Fiji TV Executives. 

The U-turn to cover the stuff-up shows Sayed-Khaiyum's understanding of media laws and broadcast rights is minuscule. His so-called legal expertise was also exposed by World Rugby's head of legal matters, Susan Ahern. 

He even failed to provide proof to World Rugby and the people of Fiji that soccer's governing body, FIFA, had given approval for the cross-carriage of the World Cup played in Brazil last June and July.

Sayed-Khaiyum was basing his illogical Cross-Carriage Decree provisions, clearly manufactured to prop up his brother's FBC TV, which has resorted to showing out-dated programmes and Hindi soap operas in a bid to gain audience. 

With no proof of FIFA approval or of World Rugby approval for the cross-carriage of Gold Coast 7's last October, Sayed-Khaiyum turned red and pink under the World Rugby onslaught and removed the World Rugby events from the Cross-Carriage Decree as required by World Rugby before it agreed for Fiji TV to sub-licence 7's feed to FBC on terms agreeable to World Rugby.

So much for his lies and deceit, which unfortunately fool the people but not international organisations. 


Khaiyum's letter to World Rugby December 12

Monday, January 26, 2015

Evidence of Khaiyum's lies must be used to take him down

Oh, the tangled web we weave when first we seek to deceive.

And so it's been for the military dictatorship which is now installed as a 'legally elected government'.

The lies that citizens are being dished up are not new: the only thing that's new is that the lies are being told in broad daylight, as part of every day business and in Parliament and being swallowed by some quarters, including the media, without challenge.

Frank Bainimarama has done it but Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, who wields authority as Attorney General and Minister for Finance, is the worst and is truly a compulsive liar.

In fact, Khaiyum has lied about so much that it's nothing to him to lie through the skin of his teeth in Parliament.

Take the Rugby Sevens broadcasting scam. While delivering a ministerial statement on Tuesday December 9, regarding World Rugby's decision to pull the plug on live feed for  the Dubai leg of the tournament because of his TV (Cross-Carriage of Designated Events) Decree,  which forced Fiji TV to share feed with FBC TV (managed by his brother Riyaz Sayed-Khaiyum), Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum defended the reasons for the Decree.

He claimed a survey conducted by an American Company proved FBC TV had 50% market coverage while Fiji TV had only 43% and Mai TV 7%.

When Oposition MP Prem Singh interjected to the effect that the survey was carried out by Qorvis, Sayed-Khaiyum twice denied it was Qorvis.

He didn't name the company. And yet it was established in December the survey was carried out by Clarus or Clarus Communications - the polling arm of Qorivs and wholly owned by Qorvis, which in the last few years has been paid millions of dollars to churn out pro Bainimarama and Sayed Khaiyum propaganda.

FACT: another one million dollars has been budgeted this year as payment for Qorvis.

This lie alone necessitates the need for Sayed-Khaiyum to be held for contempt of Parliament.

We will soon expose another lie of his that is going to hurt the people of Fiji who were misled during the Budget.

Meanwhile peruse the Parliamentary Hansard of Tuesday 9th December 2014 (at end of story) as well as other documents to judge for yourself the lies that Sayed Khaiyum is churning out, including in Parliament.

The two sacked Fiji TV executives have done an excellent job paper trailing the lies and the manipulation in one document which has been sent to Bainimarama but again as with many things, let it not be forgotten that Sayed-Khaiyum and Bainimarama are joined at the hip and act in their own self-interest.

One tells the lies and the other offers him safe harbour. Look at the pay salary dispute and rugby sevens drama where Bainimarama has neatly stepped in to downplay them both by claiming the Opposition party is just being 'petty', is making a 'fuss' and is 'obsessed with Fiji TV management'. 

Add to it the belated and shallow apology about the broken sewer pipes in Nabua and you have a well-oiled doubled act where Sayed-Khaiyum trots out the porkies and Bainimarama uses his position as 'beloved' PM to make citizens to swallow the shit.

Fiji TV Executives letter of complaint to Frank Bainimarama 


Khaiyum's lies 


Sunday, January 18, 2015

Fiji media chairman to appear in court

Raj: Harassed media and regime critics on standards but now appearing in court
Media Industry Development Authority Chairman and failed PHD student Ashwin Raj, who is hanging to the coattails of Frank Bainimarama and Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum for his personal advancement, has been charged by police for annoyance.

A statement by the Commissioner of Police confirms the charge but police have not issued details of the incident. We have, however, established the charge arises out of Raj's use of abusive language towards a lawyer from he had recently bought a house from. 

The 21 Kikau Street property in Samabula belonged to Joshika Samujh, a lawyer formerly with the Consumer Council and now employed as a Legal Tribunal with the Ministry of Labour and Industrial Relations. 

Raj bought the two-flat house from Samujh - with the apparent understanding her mother would rent one of the flats.

At 6pm on Monday this week, Samujh came to visit her mother and was apparently confronted for no reason by an irate Raj who started using abusive language.

Samujh reported the matter to the nearby Samabula Police Station. At the police station, Raj directed his abuse at both Samujh and police officers handing the case. He was then locked up in a cell for 2 hours. 

Raj was later charged with annoying person, bailed and will appear in the Suva Magistrates Court on 13th February.

Bloggers will recall that Raj has been a real asshole towards media and critics pontificating about standards and values while defending the hypocrisy of the Bainimarama regime - many will no doubt be following his fate with interest.

Listen to the Fiji Police Commissioner speak about this on Radio Australia