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Monday, January 26, 2015

Evidence of Khaiyum's lies must be used to take him down

Oh, the tangled web we weave when first we seek to deceive.

And so it's been for the military dictatorship which is now installed as a 'legally elected government'.

The lies that citizens are being dished up are not new: the only thing that's new is that the lies are being told in broad daylight, as part of every day business and in Parliament and being swallowed by some quarters, including the media, without challenge.

Frank Bainimarama has done it but Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, who wields authority as Attorney General and Minister for Finance, is the worst and is truly a compulsive liar.

In fact, Khaiyum has lied about so much that it's nothing to him to lie through the skin of his teeth in Parliament.

Take the Rugby Sevens broadcasting scam. While delivering a ministerial statement on Tuesday December 9, regarding World Rugby's decision to pull the plug on live feed for  the Dubai leg of the tournament because of his TV (Cross-Carriage of Designated Events) Decree,  which forced Fiji TV to share feed with FBC TV (managed by his brother Riyaz Sayed-Khaiyum), Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum defended the reasons for the Decree.

He claimed a survey conducted by an American Company proved FBC TV had 50% market coverage while Fiji TV had only 43% and Mai TV 7%.

When Oposition MP Prem Singh interjected to the effect that the survey was carried out by Qorvis, Sayed-Khaiyum twice denied it was Qorvis.

He didn't name the company. And yet it was established in December the survey was carried out by Clarus or Clarus Communications - the polling arm of Qorivs and wholly owned by Qorvis, which in the last few years has been paid millions of dollars to churn out pro Bainimarama and Sayed Khaiyum propaganda.

FACT: another one million dollars has been budgeted this year as payment for Qorvis.

This lie alone necessitates the need for Sayed-Khaiyum to be held for contempt of Parliament.

We will soon expose another lie of his that is going to hurt the people of Fiji who were misled during the Budget.

Meanwhile peruse the Parliamentary Hansard of Tuesday 9th December 2014 (at end of story) as well as other documents to judge for yourself the lies that Sayed Khaiyum is churning out, including in Parliament.

The two sacked Fiji TV executives have done an excellent job paper trailing the lies and the manipulation in one document which has been sent to Bainimarama but again as with many things, let it not be forgotten that Sayed-Khaiyum and Bainimarama are joined at the hip and act in their own self-interest.

One tells the lies and the other offers him safe harbour. Look at the pay salary dispute and rugby sevens drama where Bainimarama has neatly stepped in to downplay them both by claiming the Opposition party is just being 'petty', is making a 'fuss' and is 'obsessed with Fiji TV management'. 

Add to it the belated and shallow apology about the broken sewer pipes in Nabua and you have a well-oiled doubled act where Sayed-Khaiyum trots out the porkies and Bainimarama uses his position as 'beloved' PM to make citizens to swallow the shit.

Fiji TV Executives letter of complaint to Frank Bainimarama 


Khaiyum's lies 


Sunday, January 18, 2015

Fiji media chairman to appear in court

Raj: Harassed media and regime critics on standards but now appearing in court
Media Industry Development Authority Chairman and failed PHD student Ashwin Raj, who is hanging to the coattails of Frank Bainimarama and Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum for his personal advancement, has been charged by police for annoyance.

A statement by the Commissioner of Police confirms the charge but police have not issued details of the incident. We have, however, established the charge arises out of Raj's use of abusive language towards a lawyer from he had recently bought a house from. 

The 21 Kikau Street property in Samabula belonged to Joshika Samujh, a lawyer formerly with the Consumer Council and now employed as a Legal Tribunal with the Ministry of Labour and Industrial Relations. 

Raj bought the two-flat house from Samujh - with the apparent understanding her mother would rent one of the flats.

At 6pm on Monday this week, Samujh came to visit her mother and was apparently confronted for no reason by an irate Raj who started using abusive language.

Samujh reported the matter to the nearby Samabula Police Station. At the police station, Raj directed his abuse at both Samujh and police officers handing the case. He was then locked up in a cell for 2 hours. 

Raj was later charged with annoying person, bailed and will appear in the Suva Magistrates Court on 13th February.

Bloggers will recall that Raj has been a real asshole towards media and critics pontificating about standards and values while defending the hypocrisy of the Bainimarama regime - many will no doubt be following his fate with interest.

Listen to the Fiji Police Commissioner speak about this on Radio Australia 

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Khaiyum orders number plates removed from vehicle involved in accident

Where is this car now?

Question: Why doesn't this new Toyota Landcruiser Prado, which has clearly been involved in an accident, have a number plate?

Answer: This is the Government back-up vehicle of Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, Frank Bainimarama's Attorney General and Finance Minister.

The powerful in Fiji, especially those in the military government who've gone on to be in the Fiji First Government, can do no wrong in the eyes of the majority of the people of Fiji, or so it seems from the election results - even though we all know the elections were not free and fair. Therefore, there must never be any link of wrongdoing to the new Government, even if it was an accident.
Two days out from Christmas (Tuesday December 23), Khaiyum travelled to Clopcott squatter settlement in Ba to hand over leases to 147 squatter residents. He was in his vehicle GP:256, a top of the range green Toyota Prado Landcruiser, accompanied by the white back-up vehicle.

After the hand-over ceremony that evening, Khaiyum was
Ironic: Accident happened near a Bainimarama road safety billboard.
treated to a dinner at a Fiji First supporter's home. The businessman had raised more than $100,000 for the party's election campaign.

He and his entourage left Ba at 1am on Thursday, December the 24th to return to Suva, via Kings Road.

Soon after Nagia village on Kings Road, the back-up vehicle, which was being driven by the back-up driver with an accompanying driver/security as passenger and was in front of the AG's vehicle, lost control, plunged down a slope and landed in the Wainibuka river. 
The driver of Khaiyum's green Prado, which was closely following the back-up vehicle, momentarily lost control and only just managed to stay on the road.

Both occupants of the back-up vehicle managed to free themselves, climb out of the river to make their way up the slope onto the highway where a shaken Khaiyum was waiting with his driver and bodyguard. 

Khaiyum told both to sort out the mess as it was their fault, and didn't even bother to ask if they were okay. He also instructed them to remove the Government number plates from the vehicle before the police arrived. He then left them on the roadside, came to Korovou Police Station in Tailevu, informed them of the accident, and proceeded home to Suva. 

The back-up vehicle was recovered by police and it was parked at the Korovou Police Station, minus the number plates. The vehicle was removed the day our sources took these pictures and its whereabouts reamins unknown.

From this incident come two lessons:

Khaiyum told his men to take number plates off this car
Lesson No 1: Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum has no human decency. Any decent human being would have cared about the welfare of others, especially in the case of mishaps. Here, two personnel responsible for his safety, were left on the roadside to dry themselves and denied a basic medical check to see if they had suffered any injuries. His only concern was to ensure the vehicle could not be traced to him and his office.

Lesson No 2 : Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum is quick to hide any wrong-doing and scams when it concerns him. His instruction to the two personnel to remove the number plates of the back-up vehicle confirms this. 

The overall lesson? This is the Attorney General of the beloved Fiji who instead of protecting others, protects himself first and foremost.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Plenty of evidence of misconduct but just as many turning a blind eye

Look away, look away: Namosimalua can't face up.
There's truth in the saying good riddance to bad rubbish.

The departure tomorrow of the US ambassador, Frankie Reed, is a blessing albeit a short one as she has a successor.

Reed frolicked brazenly with the military dictatorship oblivious to Fiji citizens being forced to live under draconian decrees with no redress, despite a supposed democratic and free election.

In media interviews today, the Fiji Times has Reed saying: "I find that here, embassies take on the tone of the country and  I think you can feel it when you walk in, it's warm, it's friendly, we talk to each other, we argue also and we're very serious, but we know how to have a good time..."

Reed and US: Also turning blind eye.
The Fiji Village has her saying "... the people of Fiji must be commended for their resilience and the successful transition of Fiji to a democratic state" and ..."an increasingly stable and democratic Fiji is in the best interest of all Pacific Island nations as well as the United States."

Reed and Barack Obama have long known of the ongoing irregularities in Fiji - prior to the the elections, during and after - all largely orchestrated and co-ordinated by Frank Bainimarama's opportunistic legal eagle, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum.

The examples of Khaiyum's interference are varied and plenty (and as fresh as last week) and surprise, surprise now include dictating how much funding Opposition parties get for Parlimentary staff.

Both the National Federation Party and the Social Democratic Liberal Party have been told they'll receive just $15,000 for every MP they have in Parliament instead of a preferred minimum threshold based on fairness and duties.

The news came in December from the secretary general, Viniana Namosimalua, who first said it'd be $10,000 and that the directive had come from Khaiyum via letter.

Prasad: Chair of Public Accounts Comm but losing staff.
Two things stink about this latest scenario: The first is that Biman Prasad and his team will only get $45,000, Ro Teimumu Kepa and SODELPA $225,000 while Fiji First gets $480,000 - or approximately $1.2 million over four years. The second is that the decision was made by Khaiyum not Namosimalua.

Khaiyum doesn't have the authority to stipulate the funding but gets away as he does with other things because he's running the show for the illiterate, uncouth Bainimarama.

Beddoes: Responding to funding claims.
The funding allocation is therefore an attack on the political parties to try to render them ineffective and shows that Fiji First doesn't have the wits to take on the Opposition fair and square.  

Many have turned a blind eye to the stench of Bainimarama's corruption and Khaiyum's interference because it's easy and it fits their agenda, so good riddance to the Frankie Reeds of the world who've enjoyed Fiji's hospitality but who exit as Parliament is under attack again, with their head up their ass.

This blog meanwhile applauds the Opposition parties for getting information out to the public and putting pressure on Namosimalua to front up with the letter from Khaiyum but asks is writing letters and calling for 'reconsiderations' enough? Is securing another document going to achieve anything other than prove what we've known for a long time?

It's a new year so let's give some thought to a new approach - one that includes sending questions to MPS on a regular basis and making individual MPs aware that Fiji citizens are watching their performance and that being on a Fiji First ticket next time may not be enough.

Follow the funding saga by reading the following documents, starting with today's statement from Mick Beddoes:

Beddoes responds to Fiji Sun attempts to justify funding

NFP Media Release on funding Jan 2015

Opposition Leader press release on funding

30th December Funding letter by S-G

NFP Reply to S-G's 30th December letter

S-G's Funding letter 8th January 


NFP Staff Appointment Revocation letters

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Has Fiji's police chief fallen out of favour?

No longer doing the honours: Groenewald
What has happened to Fiji's police commissioner, Ben Groenewald?

The highly experienced former South African police commander hasn't been seen in his official capacity for at least two months with assistant police chief, Isikeli Vuniwaqa carrying out key duties, including delivering the New Year Message to officers.

Groenewald was last heard from in November giving updates on two controversial cases involving police and army officers - the beating and torture of Iowane Benedito that was captured on video and posted to Youtube and the September beating of composer Josefa Bilitaki after an argument with Frank Bainimarama.

Local media also reported a reshuffle at the time (the one that put Vuniwaqa in the acting role) but nothing's been heard of from Groenewald since then with insiders now saying the former personal bodyguard to South African, PW Botha, has fallen foul of elected thug Bainimarama over the Benedito and Bilitaki cases.

Groenewald had recommended that all those involved in the Bilitaki beating be interviewed and charged for unlawful arrest and assault. All, including police officers have since been interviewed and suspended except the chief of Bainimarama's assault squad, Sailosi Rabuka, who was sent to Golan Heights immediately after the incident.

As a result of publicity, Groenewald also said at the time that he would present a report to the Minister of Defence, Timoci Navua, and comment on it but that comment has never come.

In November Groenewald also waded into the torture video
Torture: Groenewald pledged to investigate.
case revealing Benedito was now prepared to lay a complaint and had given a new statement about his attackers. Groenewald also pledged investigations would be carried out despite the fact the incident had not been reported directly to police but posted on Youtube.

Fiji police had earlier claimed the escaped prisoner, who was beaten and tortured on the back of a police vehicle, had not wanted to lay a complaint.

"Basic principle is no one is above the law and if a crime is committed the crime will be investigated," Groenewald told Pacific Beat.

Groenewald was unsuccessful in stopping the Director of
Beating: Groenewald also investigating.
Public Prosecutions charging Bilitaki with 'assault' but insisted those who arrested the 60 year old composer, had not followed procedure and that an internal investigation was underway.

"There were interference by military police but he (Bilitaki) was arrested by police so police will take the full brunt of the consequences."

Insiders say Bainimarama, who ordered his bodyguards to beat Bilitaki after he tackled him about the unauthorised use of his songs in Fiji First's election campaign, wants Groenewald gone and has ordered Navua to send him on leave.

Email pacificinthemedia@gmail if you have information on this story.

Isikeli Vuniwaqa does the honours - where is Groenewald?

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Narsey: No fault of Chand that donors shunned FNU

Fiji National University, the Bainimarama Government and Bad Governance
By Professor Wadan Narsey

The sudden departure of the founding Vice Chancellor from the Fiji National University (FNU) is an important enough event for the real owners and stakeholders in the university- the tax payers of Fiji, the current and future students and their parents, and future employers of the graduates, to call for honest answers from the Bainimarama Government.

Professional, transparent and accountable human resource management, is a crucial part of the good governance of all corporate bodies, including universities and their councils, and companies with their boards of directors.

Between 2006 and 2014, the unelected Bainimarama Government hired and fired civil servants, board members and senior management of statutory authorities, as they wished, with little transparency or accountability to the public.

The Public Service Commissioners and boards of the statutory authorities were merely “rubber stamps” uncritically obeying ministers’ orders and sending out the letters of dismissal, with the victims having no recourse to appeal, either within the organization or the courts.

With an elected government in place today, the public rightly expect that ministers will be fully transparent and accountable to the tax payers, whose assets and development interests are at stake.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Sacked Fiji TV executives go after Khaiyum and Board members

(Video courtesy of Republika)

One of the two former Fiji TV executives dismissed after the rugby sevens broadcasting controversy has called on the Fiji Law Society to strip Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum of his practising certificate for unethical behaviour.

CEO Tevita Gonelevu and head of content and local productions, Tanya Waqanika, told a press conference today the real story behind their unlawful sackings.

"You cannot be the Minister of Communications and make decisions which are favourable to FBC knowing fully well that what you've done is unethical and unlawful to favour FBC which is headed by your brother," said Waqanika.

"That's just not right, you should step down. Because the Attorney General has spoken about the need to be transparent, about good governance - this is the man who has been preaching about it and he can't even follow his own words. 

"A very unethical person, shame on him for being a lawyer," said Waqanika.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Fiji descends from military dictatorship to constitutional dictatorship

It's a new year but the sores of 2014 and previous years haven't healed and will keep bleeding. Why? Because while the country boasts a democratically elected government, Frank Bainimarama and Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum's modus operandus for the past eight years hasn't changed.

And yet we've started 2015 with the master manipulators pushing an aggressive campaign to get
Colonial War Memorial Hospital: crisis situation.
citizens, even schools, to 'combat corruption', ignoring its own lapses. They're also making a big deal about this being the year of 'keeping promises.'

Much has been made about free prescribed medicines and longer opening hours at hospitals, medical centres and government pharmacies. 

Reports, however, continue to filter out about the appalling lack of resources and experience in hospitals such as Colonial War Memorial, where there is no guarantee patients with life threatening ailments will get help while those who do get attention have to take their own sheets and family to look after them because there's so few nurses and doctors and standards are well below par.

Families earning below $30,000 have also been promised free water meanwhile parts of the country have had no drinking water for some time, a problem exacerbated by broken water and sewage pipes which have caused a lot of contamination.

Preschoolers have also been told they'll get free schooling and yet Mahendra Reddy has sacked Education Ministry staff in favour of bringing in his own team, including his wife. The one-eyed bandit seems to have no regard for process and looks capable of committing blunder after blunder.

Four Permanent Secretaries are meanwhile understood to have lost their jobs: Basudra Kumar (acting PS for Education), Eloni Tora (Health), Peter Wise (National Planning) and Amena Yauvoli (Foreign Affairs).

So what's ahead of us in 2015? The following posers would suggest more of the same of what we've had for the last eight years.

Will Khaiyum ever stop interfering in employment matters and violating constitutional rights?
Will Fiji TV ever get a permanent licence?
Basudra Kumar: Casualty of Reddy's 'reforms'.
Will MIDA ever ease up on media and lash the Fiji Sun when it breaches protocols?
Will Joyti Pratibha ever get her facts right?
Will Khaiyum's conflict of interest in FBC ever be investigated?
Will Khaiyum ever act with transparency - or live down the shame of losing the TV rights to the Rugby Sevens?
Will this so-called government ever fix the country's dire health system?
Will Parlimentary proceedings such as passing 15 bills in five minutes be allowed to continue?
Mahendra Reddy: Blunders.

Will we get the full and frank details of the auditor general's report?
Will the regime ever stop using Laisenia Qarase as its whipping boy?
Will the deaths of citizens while in police custody ever be investigated?
Will the Iowane Benedito beating and torture ever be investigated?
Will the true extent of Nur Bano Ali's role helping the master manipulators ever be investigated?

Monday, December 29, 2014

Links to regime overshadow tributes to CJ Patel boss

Regime supporter and benefactor Sundip Patel has died of a heart attack at the age of 52.

The managing director of the CJ  Patel Group, which includes the subsidiaries the Fiji Sun and CJ Farms (formerly Rewa Dairy), is believed to have collapsed while exercising on a treadmill at his Waimanu Road home in Suva.

It's understood Patel was known to have heart problems and had a bypass when he was just 30.

The Fiji Sun has paid tribute to Patel, hailing him as a 'trailblazing business leader' but his support of the military dictatorship and subsequent business benefits will not be forgotten by many.

Bloggers will remember him, too, from these pages as having been accused of price fixing and cheating Fijian provinces by selling merchandise at inflated prices as early as 2010.

CJ Patel went on to purchase the monopoly Rewa Dairy company, with substantial discriminatory assistance from the regime, and raised the price of milk and milk products.
The company's financial controller (a Sri Lankan) has also been appointed by and serves the regime on a wide range of influential government boards, often as chair.

But it will be Sundip Patel's flagrant overlooking of the biased reporting by the Fiji Sun and endorsement of regime propaganda, especially during the September elections, that will be fresh in many minds.

Another regime favourite, former vice-chancellor of the Fiji National University Ganesh Chand, is also under the spotlight today.

Chand escaped a number of challenges in recent years, including a  $1million law suit brought by a former lecturer for unjustified dismissal and claims of bullying, but was last week dismissed.

No official explanation has been given but a replacement is expected to be named today.